Sample Course Agenda

The sample course agenda below shows the elements of a typical PriSim® course. We can work with you to modify the topics, the timing, and the number of course-days to fit your needs.

Day 1

ActivityStart TimeDuration
Simulation Case Study Introduction8:00 AM1:15
Pop Quiz Preparation9:15 AM0:30
Pop Quiz9:45 AM0:30
Situation Analysis (SWOT/”As-Is” Analysis) 10:15 AM1:00
Strategy and Long-term Planning11:15 AM1:15
Round 1 Competition and Working Lunch12:30 PM2:45
Break3:15 PM0:30
Financial Reporting and Accounting3:45 PM1:15
End of Day5:00 PM

Day 2

ActivityStart TimeDuration
SimStims and Individual Learning Applications8:00 AM0:15
Leadership and Emotional Intelligence8:15 AM1:00
Round 2 Competition
9:15 AM1:30
Break10:45 AM0:25
Financial Ratio Analysis and Exercises11:10 AM1:00
Round 3 Competition and Working Lunch
12:10 PM1:15
Break1:25 PM0:15
Break-Even Analysis/Net Present Value1:40 PM0:30
Round 4 Competition
2:10 PM1:00
Prepare Final Presentations3:10 PM0:45
Final Presentations3:55 PM0:50
Exercise Debrief and Awards4:45 PM0:15
End of Day5:00 PM