Business Simulation Add-ons

Our computer business simulations are the backbone of all PriSim courses, but there are several ways that we can enhance your course using the Business Simulation Add-ons described below to super-charge the experience.

Customize your Business Simulation: Memo-Engine™


Spring Unexpected Business Challenges on Your PriSim® Course Attendees! Customize your business-simulation experience with PriSim’s Memo-Engine™. Add real-world, unexpected challenges to your existing team competition. Catalyze discussions of business issues and scenarios drawn from your company’s real-world experience. The Memo Engine is an add-in software tool to augment PriSim’s custom business simulations, adding a new…

Action-Planning Workshop™


PriSim’s Action Planning Workshop takes management and leadership development to its ultimate conclusion - application in producing real-world solutions and action plans. Your decision-makers will immediately apply business concepts learned during your PriSim course to real-world planning. The Action Planning Workshop™ Process Core Activities Planning and Pre-Work Senior sponsors participate in 30-minute course-design calls to determine scope…



  Emotional Intelligence Competency Development – PriSim is an accredited administrator and licensee of the Hay Group/Daniel Goleman Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) and Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI), two of the most effective Emotional Intelligence assessment tools available. PriSim can work with you to evaluate and develop your current and emerging leaders’ Emotional Intelligence…

CEU / CPE Credits


  Your company’s human capital is its most important asset. Developing this asset is critical to differentiating your company from the competition. Your employees share your interest in their development. As professionals, they invest their time and energy in continuing education to increase their skills, their performance, and the value they bring to your company.…

TEAM Challenge!™


  Catapult your company’s business-simulation experience to new competitive highs by implementing PriSim’s TEAM Challenge!™ approach. Pit intact teams against each other in a no-holds-barred business competition! The thrill of victory for one team — and the agony of defeat for the others! Just as in the real world, team members from different functional areas…


Overview of PriSim Business War Games Inc. and the business simulation process

  PriSim can include a boardgame as an add-on to any class. Boardgames can take the understanding of specific topics, particularly finance, to a deeper level.  Our clients have used the approach to drive a greater awareness of specific, important financial concepts. Watch a video-demonstration of an equipment dealership finance boardgame. Here’s an overview of how a…