CNA Insurance

PriSim® delivers our property and casualty insurance course for CNA Insurance to build business acumen. Participants lead and manage a simulated insurance conglomerate made up of an insurance carrier and an agency network.

- Testimonials from Insurance Executives participating in The CNA Business School, January 2018

“In my role as an Underwriter, it is easy to have tunnel vision. I work on a single line of business in one of CNA’s offices. I thought that this program would be a fantastic way to broaden my understanding of how my role fits into the larger puzzle.”

“The simulation clearly messaged the importance of your distribution network. Our business at CNA is 100% brokered, and so our success is directly contingent upon the success of our agents, and our ability to partner effectively with these agents. Now, this seems like such an obvious conclusion, but I think that it’s critical to keep this perspective in mind.”

“I had a business simulation class at University for an Accounting course; therefore I expected it to be a microcosm of that course. These CNA Business School brought much more from critical thinking strategies, idea sharing, leadership concepts, and perspective enlightenment from broker and company sides.”

“Just the sheer number of things that are impacted by one strategic decision was very shocking.”

“I found it very interesting to learn about the various challenges that each side has, whether carrier or broker/agent.  Even though it seems simple, going through some of the exercises, it made me think of ways to be more open and understanding to their needs and timelines.”

“While we all work in the insurance industry—we all have different goals, strategies, etc.  All these decisions directly impacted the industry as a whole.  While we were running a simulation—we were making decisions that would have an influence on our current book as well as the industry for years to come. ”

“The CNA Business School was not like an ordinary carrier training. The focus was on the industry, not the company, and how agents and underwriters have to work together to achieve individual goals. It really helped me see the constraints the carrier is working with and how I can be a better partner to our carriers and underwriters.”

“I think that the simulation added a variety of variables and circumstances that I wasn’t privy to on a regular basis and seeing how a decision that you make in one area could directly impact a few others. Understanding the vision of your company and/or department can help with prioritizing the strengths and weaknesses of the brand.”

“The business simulation expanded my perspective on both sides of the business. It was eye opening to me the ripple effect one choice could make on the overall insurance supply chain.”

“While on different sides of the business we realized our challenges and obstacles are far more similar that we anticipated.  I feel we both left the session with a greater appreciation and perspective towards each other’s roles in the overall process.”

“By being exposed through the simulation and the insurance professionals, I gained an appreciation for the constructs of decision making in our industry and the importance of leadership that can effectively communicate and execute towards a shared goal.”

- Program Management Director, November 2016
“Being in IT I don’t get the opportunity for the experiences in “running” the business. The two day session helped me learn more about what it takes to run an Insurance Company than I have learned thus far in 6 years and would probably take another 5.”

- Director, Talent & Leadership Development, December 2016
“I had a great experience working with PriSim to pilot their Insurance Challenge Competition within one of our leadership programs. (The instructors) took the time to learn about our business, as well as the overall program so that we could appropriately tailor the solution for our needs. (The instructors) were expert facilitators who kept the session exciting and challenging. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day experience, ranking it as one of the most impactful learning experiences within their 10-week program.”