The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

PriSim delivers our Agency Brokerage Challenge™ simulation as part of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB) leadership and development curriculum to independent agents and brokers. In the course, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance agency/brokerage making decisions in carrier management, customer management, lead sourcing, financial management, profitability analysis, production analysis, and other areas.

- Testimonials from Insurance Executives participating in The Broker Smackdown – West, May 2018

“Combined behavior/emotional education with Business Acumen and application.”

“Creating business plan and goals as well as applying it in the simulation was a very good experience. The program provided so much information that will help me and our firm.”

“Business acumen in general but financials in particular. Simulation software forces a total focus on the numbers and the inter-dependencies of the levers, very insightful.”

“The amount of information I learned was more than I anticipated. The format and instructors were phenomenal. I am leaving with a greater understanding of how an agency works and a wealth of knowledge.”

- CIAB Board Member, May 2017
“In order to advance in the early part of your career you need to develop expertise in an area to differentiate yourself. In order to advance later in your career you must show that you have the ability to understand and act on the landscape of factors that impacts a company’s ability to grow. PriSim as a platform gives you the ability to learn by doing, test yourself based on measured results, and along the way requires you to debate and discuss with your peers the best path forward. If you are entry level or a CEO, you can take something away from this experience; and our Board did. We valued their professionalism, flexibility, expertise, and humor!”