PriSim delivers our Heavy Equipment Simulation – Test Drive™ to dealership and manufacturing staff to build business acumen. In the course, participants lead and manage a simulated heavy-equipment dealership making decisions in equipment sales, parts and accessory sales, service, finance and insurance, staffing, training and timeblocking, rentals, and financial management.

  • “This class is a must-take in my opinion for leaders in business. It not only exposes you to a deeper understanding of the overall business and the importance of setting and aligning to a great mission, but it was great exposure to the financials that are not seen as often in working for a private company as they are when you work for a public company.
  • Using the hands-on simulation was a huge benefit to practice the business acumen that we were discussing. And forcing us to pick our own metrics helped us focus on the measures we were shooting for.
  • This class was important for me in recognizing the value of every role in the organization and the incredible importance in cross-functional interaction.
  • Being in corporate strategy this class really helped me to pull everything together and ask some of the hard questions that I am afraid to ask in real situations.
  • Even though I do not look at the business financials for my role, the event really demonstrated the need for cooperation for team members. The fast paced aspects of the simulation requires that people participate out of their own immediate strengths. I think remembering in any situation, looking for good input and communication is the key. This class reinforced those items for me.”

- Managers Attending Test Drive Class, July 2018

“Test Drive is a fundamental chunk of content that Vermeer offers to dealership high potential talent as part of our leadership development program.  It was chosen for its high impact and high value for helping participants to better understand the importance of finance, strategy, and decision-making, all rolled into one event:

  • Test Drive is consistently viewed as an ‘eye-opening’ experience by Vermeer dealership key leaders, with its biggest value being in driving home the lesson of the importance of interdepartmental connectedness.
  • The Test Drive platform continues to provide our leaders with a risk-free and competitive atmosphere to learn the many intricacies involved in managing a construction equipment dealership.
  • Test Drive by PriSim is a program that effectively drives home the lessons of inter-departmental connectedness, the value of planning, and the importance of understanding how cash flows through a dealership.
  • The PriSim instructors were viewed by our participants to be exceptional in all areas — knowledgeable, effective, and engaging.  They were easy to work with and maximized the value of our time.  I would strongly endorse them and Test Drive to any organization in the construction equipment distribution industry who wants to sharpen the financial and managerial acumen of their key leadership.”

- Channel Advancement Manager, May 2017