Business simulations that improve business acumen.

Our courses combine classroom discussions with computerized business simulations, allowing your key staff to improve business decision-making, financial acumen, and leadership skills in a risk-free environment.

Choose one of our ready to run industry courses or find out how we can customize a course to meet your specific needs.

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The Benefits of Business Simulations

Our courses strive to enhance business decision-making and drive improved business performance.
To accomplish this, each course focuses on a minimum of four key learning objectives addressing both left and right-brain thinking.

  1. Improve Business Acumen

    • Understand the “whole” business and see the big picture (eliminate silo-thinking)
    • Develop cross-functional decision-making skills
    • Recognize the impact of actions on company performance (intended and unintended consequences)
  2. Practice Strategic Thinking And Business Planning

    • Engage in Strategic conversations
    • Identify long term strategy, focus, differentiation, and positioning
    • Develop business plans that are aligned with company Mission and Objectives
  1. Increase Financial Understanding and Confidence

    • Increase financial acumen
    • Interpret financial statements
    • Analyze quantitative data
    • Interpret key performance indicators (KPIs)
  2. Build Leadership and Teamwork

    • Transform managers into leaders
    • Improve group decision-making
    • Enhance team dynamics

Three of our most popular Business Simulations

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Happening Now at PriSim Business Simulations

We’re always trying to improve our simulations and our skills as we develop our clients’ business decision makers. Below are some of the interesting news and developments we’ve been working on recently.

Q4 2022

Updated the Experienced-Hiring Process Within PriSim’s Brokerage Challenge Business Simulation to incorporate “company culture” and behavioral-interview role-play into hiring success. Working with Selective Insurance’s and MarshBerry’s talent-acquisition content, the new process aligns the simulation with the real-world importance of Talent Management.

PriSim is Conducting the Broker Smackdown National Championships for The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. This competition will take place in Colorado Springs. Five regional champion teams will compete in managing and leading an insurance carrier.

Customized PriSim’s BizFighter.EXE Business Simulation for the Aerospace and Defense Industry and Delivered a Class for a top-5 global A&D company. The customization created unique and unexpected challenges that were presented to competing teams of Program Managers through memos in PriSim’s Disruptor Engine tool.

Delivered a 4-Hour Foundations in Finance class with Emerging Leaders in Selective Insurance’s Agency Network. The course covered agency income statements, balance sheets, and financial ratios. We also included several financial scenarios on virtual gameboards and analyzed, compared, and contrasted 2 sets of agency financial statements to build financial acumen.

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Happening Now at PriSim


“CycloanTM provided us with a real-time view of our strategies and our ability to react to ever changing market conditions. It allowed us to bring into perspective for the participants their role in managing a market by allowing them to view the business holistically on an added-value basis. It is an engaging exercise with real-world relevance that will improve any participant’s awareness of business management.”
– Executive Vice President