Business simulations that improve business acumen.

Our courses combine classroom discussions with computerized business simulations, allowing your key staff to improve business decision-making, financial acumen, and leadership skills in a risk-free environment.

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The Benefits of Business Simulations

Our courses strive to enhance business decision-making and drive improved business performance.
To accomplish this, each course focuses on a minimum of four key learning objectives addressing both left and right-brain thinking.

  1. Improve Business Acumen

    • Understand the “whole” business and see the big picture (eliminate silo-thinking)
    • Develop cross-functional decision-making skills
    • Recognize the impact of actions on company performance (intended and unintended consequences)
  2. Practice Strategic Thinking And Business Planning

    • Engage in Strategic conversations
    • Identify long term strategy, focus, differentiation, and positioning
    • Develop business plans that are aligned with company Mission and Objectives
  1. Increase Financial Understanding and Confidence

    • Increase financial acumen
    • Interpret financial statements
    • Analyze quantitative data
    • Interpret key performance indicators (KPIs)
  2. Build Leadership and Teamwork

    • Transform managers into leaders
    • Improve group decision-making
    • Enhance team dynamics

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Happening Now at PriSim Business Simulations

We’re always trying to improve our simulations and our skills as we develop our clients’ business decision makers. Below are some of the interesting news and developments we’ve been working on recently.

Q4 2020

Re-Designed our Brokerage What-If Tool for the Insurance Industry. The tool is run by insurance brokerages and agencies in meetings and training sessions to demonstrate the impact that prospecting, conversion rates, and other production and operating activities have on business results, including Profit, Float, Trust Ratio, and Book Value of Stock.

Customized PriSim’s Post-Round “Newspaper” Report for a Client, moving it online and making the data sortable by value and by competitive round. The report includes specific metrics that are used in the client’s real-world business.

Sponsored a Networking Event with Waukegan to College in which members shared their college success stories. The organization works to help disadvantaged students reach the goal of becoming college graduates.

Ran a 6-Week Virtual Business Simulation Class for a Large Automotive Company with online lectures and weekly competitive simulation rounds. Used an interactive online web portal for documents and downloads, and a LinkedIn Group for communications.

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Happening Now at PriSim

“I truly enjoyed the intensive nature of the simulation of running a business. It brought home the very salient aspects in making sound business decisions based on a holistic approach. Through the hands-on challenge, we are ‘forced’ to take a broader and deeper look at the whole internal value stream of the company before making important decisions. These decisions also have to incorporate longer-term plans to overcome external threats while leveraging internal strengths and market conditions. On a personal note, this training is a life lesson that one can tap into to make difficult or important decisions based on similar approaches and principles.”
– Senior Technical Manager, Singapore