Why PriSim?

At PriSim Business War Games, our goal is to help our clients improve decision-maker’s business acumen, strategic thinking, and financial awareness. We accomplish our mission by developing and conducting live seminars that combine computerized Business Simulations with classroom lectures, exercises, and discussions. Our client list is made up of top companies across many industries: companies that are focused on developing their most critical strategic resource – the knowledge capital of their people!

PriSim’s simulations are customized to reflect each client’s unique business model, and are delivered in an onsite course. Our classes, typically three days in length, serve as a business laboratory where skills are built, where new ideas are tested, and where strategies are practiced in a “what if” environment that is extremely effective for learning and for change. PriSim is an innovative corporate partner; we deliver customized educational tools built around your company’s business model and focused on your specific learning objectives. In addition, we are committed to grow with you as your educational requirements change and evolve.

Our skill and experience at developing and delivering interactive business simulation-based courses make us the partner of choice to take your training program to the next exciting level!

CUSTOMIZATION and PARTNERING – We use your language, highlight the specific challenges in your industry, and teach your company’s model of business. If you feel that a generic business simulation of a “widget” manufacturer or lemonade stand is too simplistic for development of your key decision-makers, consider a custom simulation of your business. PriSim is a leading developer of customized business simulations for both service and manufacturing companies.

TURNKEY COURSES – PriSim’s courses are complete and ready-to-run. Our courses include the instruction itself as well as the participant guides, lecture materials, and hands-on exercises that serve to integrate and expand beyond the simulation experience.

OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTION – PriSim instructors are experienced consultants with a minimum of 20 years in business. They combine this experience with a passion for teaching to deliver unforgettable educational exercises. In addition to teaching corporate audiences, most instructors are on the faculty in professional Masters Programs such as the Masters of Engineering Management and the Masters of Communication Systems Strategy and Management at Northwestern University.

LEARN THROUGH DOING – Studies show that if people see, hear and try new ideas, retention rates increase dramatically. PriSim’s exercises actively engage participants in the learning process. We understand that true engagement requires more than just software; it requires a relevant, engaging agenda, focused content that is relevant to the real world, and outstanding process facilitation.