BizFighter™ – The A&D Business Simulation!

A Management and Leadership Development Course for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Running an A&D company isn’t quite rocket science – but sometimes it feels like it…

Does your A&D management team need to be more strategic, financially aware, customer focused, and business savvy?

BizFighter helps participants decipher complex A&D and Earned Value Management (EVM) concepts and apply them in running a simulated company.

Teams compete and bid on new and follow-on programs, manage their contracts, and work to stay on-schedule and on-cost – and try to make a profit through it all!

Competing teams will need to work with suppliers and select and retain their human capital (including some rocket scientists…) to staff and complete their programs.

At the end of the competition, successful teams (and their virtual shareholders) are rewarded with high net profits, free cash flow, low working capital, and a high stock price.

BizFighter can be run as a live or virtual class over 2-4 days.

Overview video of PriSim’s business simulations for the aerospace and defense Industry.

BizFighter Dashboard PriSim’s A&D Simulation Dashboard

  • Competitive Bidding: development, production, and service contracts
  • Contract Analysis: cost-plus, fixed-price performance and progress
  • Financial Statement Analysis: revenue, expenses, profit, assets, liabilities, and equity
  • Financial Ratio Analysis: book-to-bill, booking margin, working capital, return on assets, return on equity, and return on sales
  • Earned Value Management: (EVM) including ACWP, BCWP, BCWS, CPI, SPI, BAC, and EAC
  • Schedule Analysis by contract-year

Sim Tip Videos Short videos highlighting specific dynamics within BizFighter

Raytheon PriSim® developed a custom Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation for Raytheon that incorporates the language and business dynamics of the A&D industry. Prior to developing the customized exercise, a more generic course was conducted over a four-year period using an off-the-shelf manufacturing simulation. Ultimately, it became clear that a customized solution would be even…