A&D Business Simulation – BizFighter™ The Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation

A Management and Leadership Development Course for the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Running an A&D company isn’t quite rocket science – but sometimes it feels like it!

Luckily, BizFighter helps participants decipher Earned Value Management (EVM) terms and concepts like CPI, SPI, CPAR, BAC, EAC, Bookings, and Backlog and actually apply them in running an A&D company.

Teams compete to bid on new and follow-on programs and contracts, deliver state-of-the-art products, stay on-schedule and on-cost, and build market share – and try to make a profit through it all!

But winning and executing on multi-million-dollar programs will require a focus on targeted customer segments, the right level of technology, and an effective supply chain. Teams will also need to select and retain their human capital (including some rocket scientists…) to staff and complete their programs.

At the end of the competition, successful Teams and their shareholders are rewarded with high Net Profits, positive Free Cash Flow, low Working Capital, and a high Stock Price.
BizFighter can be run as a live or virtual class over 2-4 days.

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Learn by Doing

At the center of this “Learn by Doing” course is the BizFighter business war game. In BizFighter, participants will be immersed in a learning activity unlike any they have experienced before. Over a period of several simulated years, teams will be challenged to manage a struggling Aerospace and Defense contractor and compete for contracts and qualified employees (engineers and other staff).

At the end of each decision period, teams receive performance feedback in the form of financial and industry reports. Participants will learn how to use these performance barometers to grow the business and improve bottom-line performance.

Overview video of PriSim’s BizFighter business simulation for the aerospace and defense industry.

“BizFighter is a very complex simulation that is an analog for the aerospace & defense business. Attendees are expected to demonstrate that they can function as a team, that they can work cross-functionally, and that they can deliver the same results that we would expect of any leader in our organization. We force them to think about dynamics they wouldn’t ordinarily think about, and it’s incredible watching them solve problems that are a day-to-day part of our business.”
Program Lead, Leadership Development Large A&D company

Our Course is Specific to Your Industry

Hands-On A&D Simulation Dashboard

BizFighter™ The Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation - Dashboard

  • Competitive Bidding for Development, Production, and Service contracts
  • Contract Analysis including Cost-Plus, Fixed-Performance, and Fixed-Progress
  • Financial Statement Analysis including profitability, assets, liabilities, and equity
  • Financial Ratio Analysis including book-to-bill, booking margin, working capital, return on assets, return on equity, return on sales, and ROIC
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) Analysis and Program Management including ACWP, BCWP, BCWS, CPI, SPI, BAC, and EAC
  • Schedule Analysis by contract year
  • Risk and Opportunity Management by contract. Application of Six Sigma teams on programs and for Growth and Employer of Choice
  • Staff Loading including staffing with contract employees
  • A&D-specific Corporate Competencies including Pre-Contract, Program Management, CMMI, Systems Integration, and Technology
  • Customer Ratings including Cost, Schedule, Technology, Supplier Performance, and Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPAR)
  • Internal and external Communications Plans
  • Supply Chain Management including Supplier Rating System

“The (simulation) exercise is the perfect tool for testing your business acumen. I am using the program to create the teachable moments that we need to develop our next generation of leaders. The simulation is not only a business challenge, it is an excellent tool for team building and something you don’t want to quit. It’s as close to the real thing as possible.”
LDP Program Manager, Top 5 U.S. A&D Firm

Equip Your Team for ALL the Challenges of A&D Management!

Participants Will Learn:

  • A “Total Company Perspective” on decision-making
  • How to apply proven business and management topics to Aerospace and Defense company operations
  • How to think strategically
  • How to analyze complex business issues
  • How to read and interpret financial reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)


  • How decisions in each department impact the business and contract performance (integrated decision-making)
  • How to measure performance using financial and program-level ratios (Earned Value Management, Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Working Capital, ROA)

Sample Lectures

Financial Statements for Aerospace and Defense Companies

Financial Financial Metrics and Ratios for Aerospace and Defense Companies

“BizFighter ties it all together… business development, program capture, program management, finance, human resources, and corporate governance. The simulation should be a requirement for every executive joining and leading the company–especially those who want to lead the company in an enlightened and integrated manner. In a matter of a few fun-filled, energizing days, it will change your perspective on how business is done and managed. BizFighter is a must for anyone that wants to succeed and excel.”
Director, Mission Profiling, Global A&D Company

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“The BizFighterTM class provided an overview of the essentials of running your own company. The course is fast-paced, fact-filled, interactive, and entertaining. It was right on target and I would highly recommend it.”
– Program Manager, Otis Elevator Division