Mortgage Banking Simulation – Cycloan™

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A Management and Leadership Development Course for Mortgage Banking companies and branches.

Over a period of several days, course participants will be introduced to the fundamental business tools needed to achieve a long-term competitive advantage at a mortgage branch. Participants will be challenged to apply these tools in a computer-simulated environment (a “virtual” Mortgage Branch), where their performance will be evaluated by a marketplace that has been created by competing participant teams.

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“The session was a huge success for us. We had expected that the simulation would provide some real world skills to our managers. What we didn’t expect was how much fun it would be. Everyone had a blast while learning critical decision-making skills. You did an excellent job of relating the trials of running a (retail) dealership to the problems encountered in our FBO’s. The team building was the added element that made it so successful. I would highly recommend this session for any type of business. Maybe the best recommendation that I could give is the simple fact that we would, and we will, use you again. Thanks so much.”
– Senior Vice President, Marketing