Insurance Carrier Finance for Non-Financial Managers

A finance-focused exercise to build your team's insurance-industry financial acumen

Get ready to learn about financial statements, KPIs, and annual reports…all the fun stuff!

Rather than avoiding the financial-acumen elephant in the room, find out for just how much fun insurance carrier finance can be!

In this 1-day class, the focus is on building your team’s financial acumen – specifically related to the insurance industry.

The course can be run as a live or virtual class.

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Financial Acumen

This 1-day class is designed to:

  • Help you navigate the (seemingly) complex world of insurance finance – and have fun doing it!
  • Increase your understanding of financial statements.
  • Improve your understanding of key insurance carrier KPIs.
  • Practice using a “What-If” tool to decipher some of the main drivers of insurance carrier performance.
  • Enhance your credibility with key decision-makers (speak their language), be a “trusted advisor”.

Glossary of Insurance Industry Financial Terms

Glossary of Insurance Terms

“It takes a systemic approach to design an impactful learning experience. We had a system within a system this week and it truly was impactful. Your knowledge of the A&D industry, training and development, and customer focus makes you and your organization a valued partner for our team. Many thanks to all of you for your partnership and support of our leaders. It takes a dedicated team and that really shows within each of your organizations and when we all come together.”
– Director of Leadership, Coaching, and Assessments, September 2016