What-If?™ – A Financial Acumen Short Course

For insurance companies and brokers

Help your team better understand the numbers that drive the business.

Does your management team need to be more financially savvy?

Over a half day, this fun and engaging exercise immerses your team in analyzing multiple business scenarios. Participants adjust a selected set of KPIs to quickly “see” the impact the KPIs have on business results.

The What-If Simulation demonstrates how KPI's impact business results.

This simulation allows users to evaluate and experiment with multiple improvement scenarios. What-If demonstrates that several small improvements in operations can result in a very large improvement in total business performance. PriSim’s What-If Simulation helps business leaders facilitate conversations and insights about improving company performance. It clearly identifies the true drivers of performance.

Two simulations available: Carrier & Brokerage What-If. Try one out online!

  1. Click here and get online!
  2. First, enter your assumptions in the white fields.
  3. Then to see the impact of your assumptions click the “Calculate” button.
  4. Numbers in black/red show the results based on your assumptions.
  5. Numbers in blue represent the original values, so that once you’ve entered an improvement scenario you can compare them to the starting position.

“The session was a huge success for us. We had expected that the simulation would provide some real world skills to our managers. What we didn’t expect was how much fun it would be. Everyone had a blast while learning critical decision-making skills. You did an excellent job of relating the trials of running a (retail) dealership to the problems encountered in our FBO’s. The team building was the added element that made it so successful. I would highly recommend this session for any type of business. Maybe the best recommendation that I could give is the simple fact that we would, and we will, use you again. Thanks so much.”
– Senior Vice President, Marketing