Insurance What-If? Tool

Course Summary

Appropriate for: Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry Business Acumen Short-Course

Help your team better understand the impact that their decisions have on the company’s financials.

Over a half day, this fun and engaging finance exercise immerses your team in multiple business scenarios focused on a selected set of variables that can be manipulated to quickly display a projected, multi-year business result shown in familiar company metrics.

Start Building Your PriSim® Customized Simulation Get Started with this ready to run course

PriSim® delivers a property and casualty insurance simulation for a leading U.S. P&C insurance carrier. PriSim teaches the course to carrier staff in an open-enrollment format and as a separate team-building course for the company’s agency-level executives. In the team-building version, participants discuss and improve upon their individual strengths and weaknesses as team members.