Manufacturing Business Simulation – Mini-MBA™

Management and Leadership Development Courses for Manufacturing and Other Industries.

Let’s take a walk – in the CEO’s shoes!

Competing Teams will lead and manage multi-billion-dollar automotive manufacturing companies. Their goals: build market share, improve profits – and crush the competition. All in a 2-4 day live or virtual class.

Teams make marketing, technology, R&D, production, and financing decisions. As they do, they keep their eyes on Profit Margin, Inventory, Return on Assets (ROA), Customer Satisfaction, and other KPIs.

And if they need a few hundred-million in extra cash, no problem. They can float a bond or issue new stock shares. But beware – bonds bring interest payments, and shareholders become unfriendly if they don’t get enough Return on Equity (ROE) and dividend yield…

The Mini-MBA class can be run as a live or virtual class over 2-4 days.

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Learn by Doing

Adults learn best by doing, not by being taught! Research confirms that for adults to truly retain and understand key concepts, they must be engaged in the learning process. Using a computerized Manufacturing Business Simulation, teams of participants will manage a multi-billion dollar automobile manufacturer. In a dynamic economic environment, teams vie for limited demand in a number of distinct customer segments.

At the beginning of the business simulation, each team develops a strategy that responds to the marketplace and is consistent with their company’s strengths and weaknesses. Throughout several rounds of the simulation, participants must design, price, promote, and manufacture automobiles based on customer expectations and buying preferences. In addition, teams must finance their activities using various combinations of equity, short-term debt, and/or long-term debt.

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After each simulated year of operation, teams receive feedback on their performance in the form of industry and financial reports. Teams use this feedback to further refine their decision-making processes and effectiveness for the next competitive round.

“The Mini-MBA course was really a great and helpful experience for me. It got me to think outside of my comfort zone as a technical person who was not really exposed as to how a whole business works. It was also a great opportunity to me to meet, plan, strategize, and have healthy arguments with my colleagues from our company coming from different sites and backgrounds, and was personally a rewarding experience for my team as we got the much-coveted prize at the end.”
Engineering Manager, Large International High-Tech Company

Our Hands-On Interactive Courses Cover All Aspects of Business

Mini-MBA™ Value Chain

Participants Will Learn:

  • Business Acumen so they can see the big picture and align cross-functional decisions across the entire business
  • Strategic Thinking and Long-Term Positioning including current-state SWOT analysis, future-state mission-planning using the MOST framework, differentiation, and competitive analysis
  • Leadership and Teamwork in a team-based competition, distinguishing between leadership and management, and working as a team to make decisions
  • Financial Statement Analysis including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Product Contribution by product line
  • Financial Ratio Analysis (KPIs) including Return on Sales, ROA, ROE, Inventory Turns, Leverage/ Gearing, Asset Turnover, and Current Ratio
  • Corporate Finance Decisions Decisions including short and long-term debt, equity financing, stock valuation, and dividends


  • Economic Analysis including GDP growth, inflation, prime rate, cash rate, and sales trends
  • Marketing including customer segment analysis, focus groups, pricing, advertising, promotions, direct-mail, sales forecasting, price elasticity, and regional analysis
  • Product Portfolio Analysis by segment growth rate and relative market share
  • Product R&D including new platforms and product modifications
  • Production Analysis including scheduling, capacity investment, re-tooling, and over-capacity charges
  • Technology Competency Development enabling product innovation and margin enhancements
  • Distribution Decisions including market coverage, training and support, and satisfaction of distribution partners

“I did not just learn about business and a new piece of software… I learned about teamwork, how to create trust with my peers, and how to make decisions under pressure. This game changed my perception of how to work in the real world.”
Engineering Management Master Student,
Northwestern University

Sample Lectures

Financial Statements for Manufacturing and Other Industries

Financial Metrics and Ratios for Manufacturing and Other Industries

“It’s a great leadership training class – one of the best training experiences I have ever had. The case competition on a simulation system is very creative and productive. Even though it is only a 3-day training, everyone in the class now better understands where and how to improve in order to become a good business leader. The facilitator’s business knowledge and coaching skills are also very impressive – and magically turned an IT person into a good finance person in only 3 days! I would definitely recommend that my colleagues sign up for this training class.”
Finance Director,
Leading Tier-1 Automotive Supplier

Video demonstration of PriSim Business War Games’ board game of a financial perspective on business operations.

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“Like every business, we are interested in the return on our investments. To me the proof that we find PriSim to be a valuable return on our investment is that we just completed our third year of War Games. Repeatedly, our Leadership Development Program students say that the time spent in simulation is invaluable to realizing how departments and decisions are tied together in our dealerships. How everything that we do and every decision that we make is intertwined to affect every department.”– Vice President of Operations