Strategic Finance™ Simulation - For Insurance Professionals

A high-energy business simulation exercise to build your team's financial acumen.

Have you ‘walked a mile’ in your clients’ shoes?

Does your team of insurance professionals need to more deeply understand the financial and strategic challenges that your insurance clients face on a daily basis?

Over a period of several days, this engaging finance and management exercise immerses your team in a complex business case study in which they run a simulated company in competition with other teams.

Key financial learnings will be driven by a computerized business simulation, content lectures, and group discussions.

The Strategic Finance course can be run as a live or virtual class over 2-4 days.

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Client Financial Acumen

This two-day class is designed to:

  • Sharpen your ability to review the financial reports of prospects and clients
  • ‘Walk a mile’ in the owner’s shoes
  • Enhance your credibility with key decision-makers (speak their language), be a “trusted advisor”
  • Increase your comfort with the world of financial analysis
  • Use annual reports/online resources, if available, for risk AND opportunity identification
  • Master financial terminology and better understand drivers of Moody’s/credit ratings


Participants will not only dive into financial statements, but using a sophisticated business simulation they will actually run a company to see how their decisions impact their financial results.

By running a simulated business, teams will learn:

  • Financial statement analysis, including profitability, revenues, expenses, working capital, debt, and equity
  • Financial ratio analysis including Return on Sales, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Asset Turnover, Inventory Turns, Current Ratio, and Leverage
  • Corporate finance analysis including short- and long-term debt, equity financing, stock valuation, and dividend policy
  • Annual report analysis including analysis of an actual Annual Report/10-K


Other topics discussed will include strategic thinking, leadership, and business alignment.

Sim Tip Videos Short videos highlighting specific dynamics within Strategic Finance

“Thank you for a wonderful opportunity! What a wonderful learning tool – I plan on utilizing this information with others in our office.”– Vice President, Insurance Broker