Strategic Finance Simulation – For Insurance Professionals

A high-energy Strategic Finance exercise to build financial acumen for the Insurance Professionals.

Help your team better understand the financial and strategic challenges that your clients face on a daily basis.

Over a period of several days, this fun and engaging finance and management exercise immerses your team in a complex business case study in which they run a simulated company in competition with other teams. Key financial learnings will be driven by a computerized business simulation, content lectures, and group discussions.

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Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Client Financial Acumen

This two-day class is designed to:

  • Sharpen your ability to review the financial reports of prospects and clients
  • “Walk a mile” in the owner’s shoes
  • Enhance your credibility with key decision-makers (speak their language), be a “trusted advisor”
  • Increase your comfort with the world of financial analysis
  • Use annual reports/online resources, if available, for risk AND opportunity identification
  • Master financial terminology and better understand drivers of Moody’s/credit ratings

Participants will not only dive into financial statements, but using a sophisticated business simulation they will actually run a company to see how their decisions impact their financial results.

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By running a simulated business, teams will learn:

  • Financial statement analysis, including profitability, revenues, expenses, working capital, debt, and equity
  • Financial ratio analysis including Return on Sales, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Asset Turnover, Inventory Turns, Current Ratio, and Leverage
  • Corporate finance analysis including short- and long-term debt, equity financing, stock valuation, and dividend policy
  • Annual report analysis including analysis of an actual Annual Report/10-K
  • Other topics discussed will include strategic thinking, leadership, and business alignment.

“True confession: I am a business professor who does not understand the financial crisis… Complex terms fly, pressure builds, jargon flows, money seems there for the taking and they think, ‘I’m the only one who doesn’t really understand; I’d better act like I do.’”
Seth Freeman,
Adjunct Professor of Management, Columbia Business School

Sample Lectures

Financial Statements

Financial Metrics and Ratios

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“It takes a systemic approach to design an impactful learning experience. We had a system within a system this week and it truly was impactful. Your knowledge of the A&D industry, training and development, and customer focus makes you and your organization a valued partner for our team. Many thanks to all of you for your partnership and support of our leaders. It takes a dedicated team and that really shows within each of your organizations and when we all come together.”
– Director of Leadership, Coaching, and Assessments, September 2016