Heavy Equipment Simulation – Test Drive™

Course Summary

Appropriate for: Dealership Operations

A Management and Leadership Development Course for Heavy Equipment Dealerships.

Over a period of several days, course participants will be introduced to the fundamental business tools needed to achieve long-term profitability and competitive advantage at a heavy equipment dealership. Participants will be challenged to apply these tools in a computer-simulated environment (a “virtual” Heavy Equipment Dealership), where their performance will be evaluated by a marketplace that has been created by competing participant teams. Two ways to run a class:

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“Like every business, we are interested in the return on our investments. To me the proof that we find PriSim to be a valuable return on our investment is that we just completed our third year of War Games. Repeatedly, our Leadership Development Program students say that the time spent in simulation is invaluable to realizing how departments and decisions are tied together in our dealerships. How everything that we do and every decision that we make is intertwined to affect every department.”– Vice President of Operations, April 2014