Learning Objectives of a PriSim® Business Simulation Course

The primary objective of a PriSim Business Simulation course is to improve business decision-making. To accomplish this, each course focuses on four key learning objectives: improving business acumen, enhancing strategic thinking, increasing financial understanding, and building leadership and teamwork. In addition, specific topics and concepts for your industry or market can be added and customized.

Improve Business Acumen

Finance and Key Performance Indicators

Learn to speak the language of business – finance! “Connect the dots” in how a company makes money and discover how business decisions impact performance. Interpret the critical financial statements (P&L, Balance Sheet) and analyze quantitative data (financial ratios and “KPIs”).

Cross-Functional Decision-Making

Practice integrated business thinking and learn how to align business functions/processes.

Marketing & Operations

Segment customers, promote the business, build capacity/service levels, and coordinate staffing. Make choices between investment opportunities using Net Present Value (NPV) and Break-Even analyses.

Practice Strategic Thinking

Strategy and Long-Term Positioning

Understand the current state of a company using SWOT analyses, establish a company mission, set long-term objectives and goals, identify and implement strategies, and execute tactics.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze competitive positioning and develop plans to differentiate the company.

Increase Financial Understanding

Speak the “Language” of Finance

Understand the impact of individual decisions on income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Critical Analysis

Analyze financial ratios such as Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE).

Build Leadership and Teamwork


Learn the key elements of leadership, the critical qualities of a leader, and distinguish between leadership and management. Improve emotional intelligence.


Work as a group to make decisions. Practice team dynamics.