Custom Business Simulations – Guest Speakers

Customization of a simulation can be expensive. If you can accomplish 80% of the learning with an off-the-shelf business simulation you don’t need a custom one. However, don’t always assume that the simulation software is what needs to be customized. There are simpler ways to customize a learning experience. One approach that can help bring the learnings to the next level is to have guest speakers.

A guest speaker or subject matter expert can drive home how the concepts apply to your particular company and/or situation. Here are a few examples:

  • Leading Manufacturer: A carefully selected business challenge is presented to the audience. This catalyzes discussions of the company’s business issues. The SME then explains how the issue was solved in the real world by the company.
  • Top Insurance Carrier: After PriSim covers the financials in the simulation, the client brings in an underwriter from the field. The underwriter explains to the producers what to look for in the financials in order to accept/reject a commercial customer. This is an eye-opening experience for the producers attending the class.
  • Top 6 A&D Company: The SME is the company’s CEO. Among other strategic messages, he always delivers the same key message to his Senior VPs: the importance of business alignment.
  • Leading Manufacturer: Participants learn during a business simulation exercise how to interpret industry specific financial statements and KPIs. To take it to the next level, one of our clients brings an SME from her finance department to talk about specific KPIs used in the company. The SME focuses on why these KPIs are important to the company and how participants influence them in their day-to-day job.

Guest speakers can be added at several points during the business simulation agenda, reinforcing lectures and discussions. Adding guest speakers can have a lasting impact on participants’ thinking, decision-making, and behavior.

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