Education + Engagement = “Edugagement”​!

COVID has forced all businesses to “do things differently.” For PriSim, the effort to pivot to virtual exercises was not difficult due to the “digital” nature of our existing product (the business simulations are computer-based).

As clients embraced virtual meetings and training courses (some quickly and some more slowly), a funny thing happened. The requirement to stay apart (i.e., work from home) and the ability to work together (i.e., Zoom et al.), led some new PriSim clients to ask for something we’d never been asked for before. Specifically, they asked us to “help engage, motivate, and build relationships” amongst employees who were working from home and struggling to achieve more meaningful connections.

These newer clients wanted PriSim to help their staff (in some cases recently onboarded staff) build connections and stay connected, beyond typical “work” meetings and interactions. As these clients learned more about the powerful learning that comes from a PriSim exercise, they also got excited about the opportunity to educate staff during the process of connecting staff. I immediately thought of this process as Education + Engagement = Edugagement.

To accomplish edugagement, PriSim modified our typical 2-4 day class into a longer 4-8 week exercise. We intentionally crafted an agenda that minimized the impact of the simulation exercise on the workweek (to as little as one to two hours per week). In addition, clients augment their edugagement exercises with additional content, connections, and teachable moments outside of what PriSim provides. These additional elements include guest speakers, disruptors, presentations, research projects, book reports, and time spent networking to build relationships.

Virtual is here to stay, live courses are here to stay (and obviously everything in between as well). Ultimately by “doing things differently” we are creating our “new normal”.