Learning Resources

Several learning resources, worksheets (e.g.SWOT, MOST, Action Planning), and tools (e.g. timer) used in PriSim courses.

PriSim Classroom Timer

A simple, free desktop timer to keep your seminars and meetings on time.

Net Present Value, Break-Even, and Internal Rate of Return Tool (beta)

A handy spreadsheet to help you estimate the potential economic value of your investment projects.

SWOT, MOST, and Other Worksheets

Strategic planning worksheets used in PriSim’s exercises.

Editable OST Planning Worksheet

Worksheet for planning the “To-Be”.

OKR Software

Class participants oftentimes comment on the value they get from our planning framework called MOST. OKRs are similar, and Betterworks offers a software solution for implementation.

PriSim “Cheat Sheets”

Mini-summaries of key concepts utilized in PriSim’s courses.

Jelly Belly Order Site

A tasty candy with an Illinois history.
NOTE: How in the world did Jelly Belly create a stinky sock-flavored jelly bean?
Listen to BEANBOOZLED, Part 1