Action-Planning Workshop™


PriSim’s Action Planning Workshop takes management and leadership development to its ultimate conclusion – application in producing real-world solutions and action plans.

Your decision-makers will immediately apply business concepts learned during your PriSim course to real-world planning.

The Action Planning Workshop™ Process

Core Activities

  1. Planning and Pre-Work
    1. Senior sponsors participate in 30-minute course-design calls to determine scope and direction of the Action Planning activity (the direction can be the same for each participant or uniquely tailored to their market/function).
    2. Identify planning teams.
    3. Participants complete workshop pre-work.
  2. Run Simulated Company, Applying Business Fundamentals
    1. Participants engage in learning/debate/discussion using a state-of-the-art business simulation.
    2. Participant teams compete against one another in a multi-year competition where Action Planning is practiced and refined in the simulated marketplace.
  3. Apply Concepts Learned to Planning Sessions
    1. At specific times during the workshop participants disengage from the simulation to complete at least two real-world planning assignments.
    2. Assignment 1: Situation Analysis/SWOT.
    3. Assignment 2: Objective/Goal Setting and Action Planning.
  4. Post-Workshop Implementation and Monitoring (optional)
    1. Participants are monitored and tracked on implementation by a coach (either an internal or PriSimprovided coach).

Optional Activities

  1. Planning and Pre-Work
    1. Participants gather information/data on current real-world situation/environment to apply in planning exercises.
  2. Run Simulated Company, Applying Business Fundamentals
    1. Participants hear from past participants regarding their successes and failures in implementing significant action plans.
  3. Apply Concepts Learned to Planning Sessions
    1. Senior sponsors review and provide feedback on planning assignments.
    2. Participants share and review each others’ plans.
    3. Participants commit to an implementation timeframe.
  4. Post-Workshop Implementation and Monitoring (optional)
    1. Results are collected and communicated to the organization.
    2. The planners selected as “most successful” attend the next workshop to share best practice, insights, and to

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Participant Comments

  • “It is a powerful exercise as agencies undergo business planning. Having individuals develop preliminary plans, and then spend a few days with peers to model their ideas in a simulation, can help challenge assumptions and allows for testing the ideas in a safe environment.”
  • “The planning portion of the Simulation helps a team uncover the most important goals and helps to focus the short term activities on those goals.”
  • “I spent time with peers and got a lot of information to do local planning.”
  • “Our folks came away feeling more empowered and with a better appreciation of strategic actions they can put in place to really make a difference.”