A Playbook for Profits (but it might be painful)

Profits can sometimes be as elusive as a unicorn. But that elusiveness can create opportunities – even if they’re in the painful form of cost-cutting, stringent budgeting, or a merger.

And woe to you if you don’t see the opportunities; there are unicorn-hunters in the world of business ready to do what you can’t or won’t. 3G Capital made the news recently with their bid for Unilever. As if to prove economist Joseph Schumpeter’s concept of creative destruction in capitalism, the Brazilian private-equity firm brings with them a playbook that includes aggressive cost-cutting, zero-base budgeting, and checklists.

Managing with a checklist may seem uninspired, but take a look at what a simple checklist can do in the complex world of medicine.

Are there cost-efficiencies you can squeeze out of your company before someone else pulls out a checklist and does it for you?