PriSim laptop and other requirements per team

Option Laptop Requirements Who Provides?
1. Local Install
  • Windows 10 – based laptop with Excel* 2016 or 2019 with latest updates applied
    NOTE: Cloud-based Office 365 is not supported
  • 1 USB port available for read/write by PriSim

* You don’t need Excel installed if you are running a web-based simulation. Please talk to your instructor.

2. Cloud-based
  • Laptop/network with ability to run Amazon Workspaces client*
  • Reliable broadband internet connection

* The two most common issues are that the application is blocked by security and/or it can’t connect due to firewall rules. Click here to test your ability to connect to Amazon Workspaces.

3. Zoom
(Least Preferred)
  • Laptop with ability to run Zoom
  • Security settings must allow computer to “Remote Control” simulation within Zoom
  • Reliable broadband internet connection
  • Network with ability for PriSim to connect to Amazon Workspaces


Other Requirements Who Provides?
  • 22″+ external monitor/projector/screen (so that all can see the same information)
  • External keyboard & mouse (to pass around table)
  • Ability to print with Options 1 and 2 (Option 3 is PDFs reports only)
  1. All laptops available day of setup for testing and end of day for processing.
  2. Schedule a quick call with PriSim and your IT regarding the selections above at least a month before the event.