Action Planning – Applying Course Concepts to Real-World Challenges

The real value of learning comes when the concepts taught are actually used in the real world. However, simply presenting a concept and exhorting an audience to apply it in the business world is not enough. Learners need to practice with course concepts using real-world data and scenarios that resonate for them on a personal level.

But it is difficult to do this in a class filled with participants who have diverse backgrounds and experiences – no single case study will adequately resonate for everyone. Luckily, in a business-acumen class the audience arrives already armed with real-world challenges from their current jobs. PriSim uses this rich set of participant experiences in our business simulation classes to bridge the gap between theory and application.

We call our approach Action-Planning, and we add it as an exercise in all of our courses. We divide the exercise into two 30-minute parts: the first an “As-Is” (SWOT) analysis of participants’ real-world business situation/challenges; the second a definition of a “To-Be” vision and set of objectives along with a plan to achieve them.

Follow this link to learn more about how we use Action-Planning in our business simulation courses: