Ask the Right Questions to Get the Best Answers

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Best Answers

Leaders should never be afraid to “ask the dumb questions” (click here to read a classic on the topic that is used in all PriSim classes).

But some questions about a company’s strategy are more important than others.

Peter Drucker, through his nonprofit Leader-to-Leader Institute, said that great strategic assessments focus on answering the 5 most important questions (click here to read the description), which are applicable to any organization. The answers to these simple questions help focus the organization on the most important actions that need to be taken:

• What is our Mission?

• Who is our Customer?

• What does the Customer Value?

• What are our Results?

• What is our Plan?

If this sounds daunting, take heart – asking good business questions is a learned skill that you can practice and improve. A recent HBR blog by author Ron Ashkenas discusses how you can learn the art of asking great business questions.