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PriSim’s insurance-specific courses are intensive and hands-on.
Your members will improve their strategic thinking, business planning, finance, and leadership/teamwork skills.

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Are you looking to help your Members in the following areas?

  1. Young Agents
  2. Emerging Leaders
  3. Business Acumen
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Financial Acumen
  6. Business Planning
  7. Succession Planning

Insurance Industry Business Simulations – Overview.

PriSim knows insurance, and we have courses and tools that can help you meet your unique needs:

Whether you’re looking to run an event for 12 people or 300, whether the event runs 30 minutes or 3 days, PriSim has a flexible and customizable solution for you.

  1. Low-Tech: Finance Board Games
  2. Medium-Tech: What-If Tools
  3. High-Tech: Full-Business Simulations

Some of our solutions are outlined below. To brainstorm solutions for your specific situation, please call:
Jeff Lefebvre
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Quick overview of the simulation process.

“If you want to improve your Association’s value proposition to its membership, partner with PriSim. PriSim delivers a hands-on learning experience unlike any other. The unique curriculum, coupled with the Insurance Business Simulation, left our Association’s emerging leaders feeling empowered and better equipped to apply proven business and financial strategies and concepts to insurance operations. It is by far the most highly rated educational experience we have ever delivered as an association.” – Matt Banaszynski, CEO Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

Video demonstration of PriSim Business War Games’ board game of a financial perspective on insurance operations.

Low-Tech: Finance Board Games

Enhance understanding of financial dynamics.

Boardgames are limited-scope exercises that utilize a gameboard and moveable gamepieces. The tool can be very powerful in “spotlighting” the inner workings of specific financial transactions and concepts to help drive an understanding of the impacts that business decisions have on the financial statements. These highly interactive exercises immerse users, who are often unfamiliar with finance, into the details of financial transactions and helps bring the financial statements to life.

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“Most small business owners and future leaders are not privy to advanced business acumen courses unless they had the opportunity in college, so the course was very valuable for our group. The simulation is impressive because it combines critical leadership skills into a learning forum that is so different from what anyone has ever experienced before. The simulation is sophisticated so it is impossible to leave without critical, implementable takeaways. The participants learn from doing, have a strong discussion around strategy. The course plays beautiful to the ego of any quality employee willing to participate, want to win and have fun in the process. Our clients were also impressed by the combination of presentation/lecture with teamwork/simulation work. It is hard to keep people engaged for 2.5 days, but PriSim was uniquely superb.” – Vice President, MarshBerry

Medium-Tech: What-If Tools

Sophisticated “whole-business calculators” that allow users to change a limited number of variables to quickly display a projected, multi-year business result. In a staff meeting or even individually, users can engage with this calculator to examine scenarios that illustrate how specific actions (or lack of action) affect real world business results.

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Video of a What-If in action

“I learned a lot! Last week I was in a meeting with [a senior leader] and he was sharing an update on our strategy and I was able to see the impact of high level strategy more clearly.” – Service Center Manager, Auto and Liability

Hi-Tech: Full-Business Simulations

“This is an amazing program. I enjoyed the learning opportunities, the competitive moments and the interaction. I was very impressed with your program and the training.” – CPCOE Large Loss Territory Manager, Insurance Carrier

Flexible For Your Specific Needs:

  • Courses can be run from 30 minutes to 3 days in length
  • Can be woven into your existing curriculum/multi-day event
  • Agenda and content can be customized

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