PriSim Cloud Business Simulation Option

Utilize your Instructors to teach powerful simulation-based courses.

Sometimes, using your own Instructors to deliver a simulation course is the best approach. In that case, PriSim has a solution.

PriSim can administer our simulation software remotely over the cloud while your Instructors deliver the rest of the course live. Several of PriSim’s clients have chosen this approach. For example:

  • A client has experienced, full-time Instructors already teaching business concepts and wants to augment a course with an experiential business simulation to solidify the topics.
  • A client needs to deliver a course to an audience outside the U.S. in a foreign language. The client has an Instructor who works in the local market, and they want to add a business simulation.
  • A client runs several of courses per year, and doesn’t have the budget for an outside vendor to deliver all the courses.

Note that this approach is not appropriate for all situations. There is a significant learning curve for your Instructors and it is important that your Instructors have several opportunities to teach with the simulation each year to stay current.

What do I need to get started?

  1. Determine how many teams will participate.
  2. Technology:
    1. Per Team: Computer running Windows 7/8/10, 19″ monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printing capabilities.
    2. Schedule a time with PriSim to test computer connectivity and printing (at least 1 week before the course).
    3. Ability to access Amazon Workspaces and install a client application.
  3. Onsite administrator to assist PriSim with:
    1. Scheduling a time to test computer connectivity and printing (at least 1 week before the course).
    2. Computer setup, print testing, and coordinate (processing times, instant messaging and email) during the course.
PriSim Cloud Approach

What is the Approach?

  • PriSim hosts the simulation, processes and advances the decision rounds, and provides support as needed.
  • YOU provide the Instructor(s), computers, and printer(s).
  • TOGETHER we deliver a fun, engaging, interactive, and fast-paced course!

Simulation Access Fee is per team per course (minimum 3 teams per course and 6 courses per year). The fee includes:

  • 7 days of a dedicated cloud server per team per course.
  • 7 days use of a dedicated Instructor-server for preparation and use by the Instructor.
  • Simulation: processing, PDF report generation, and advancing by PriSim for up to 4 decision rounds.
    NOTE: An extra fee will be assessed for each round that needs to be processed outside the hours of 7am to 6pm Central US Time and for additional decision rounds.
  • Simulation software access for up to 6 participants per team.
    NOTE: Additional simulation access can be purchased per participant. However, more than 6 participants per team is not recommended.
  • Detailed configuration and setup instructions.

NOTE: Train-the-trainer and instruction support are not included in the simulation access fee and will incur additional fees. Email and phone IT support for Cloud connectivity or printer setup issues is available at a per hour rate.

Supporting Material