Customized Business Simulations

PriSim® is a leading developer of customized business simulations and business exercises tailored to specific company needs. We can work with you to create a high-impact exercise that will have a lasting impact on participants’ thinking, decision-making, and behavior.

When Does a Custom Exercise Make Sense?

  • When people impact a significant portion of “success”.
  • When the external environment is dynamic and the organization needs to be able to respond quickly to change.
  • When the company culture is one of continuous education and improvement.
  • When the business or financial model has changed and these changes need to be quickly introduced into the organization.
  • When various parts of the business are highly interdependent and coordination and communication are of paramount importance.
  • When the wrong conversations keep happening over and over.
  • When people use the term “long-term” to refer to next quarter and there is no strategic understanding of future years’ opportunities and threats.
  • When you’re seeking a strategic vs. tactical impact on the organization.