Virtual Training with PriSim

All of PriSim’s Classes can be Run Virtually

PriSim has perfected both the art and the science of running virtual courses. We can work closely with you to design and deliver a class that builds business acumen, financial acumen, and leadership… all in a virtual setting!


There are many benefits of a virtual course:

  • Cost and Time savings! No travel time, no travel expenses, no facility charges, and no hardware or equipment costs.
  • Agendas can be spread out over more days, but with fewer hours to allow for “real work” to be done before and after class sessions.
  • Content lectures can be delivered real-time or as pre-recorded videos that participants view on their own, later joining a live webinar for Q&A.


A Turnkey Approach

All of our business simulation-based courses can be run virtually. All that’s required are participants with computers and internet connections, and a web-conferencing tool (Zoom is the platform of choice and can be provided at no charge).

  • The simulation is run by PriSim on cloud servers. Participants access the simulation online via remote-control in Zoom (or WebEx) no other software installation is required.
    NOTE: a quick test will be required to ensure that your laptop configurations permit remote-control.
  • Lectures are delivered via web-conference, and participants access prework, the agenda, and all course materials through an online class portal.
    Take a look at a sample class portal.
  • Class agendas are flexible and can be scheduled for 4-6 hours per day over 2-5 consecutive days, or even over multiple weeks – there is infinite flexibility.
    Some clients opt for less-disruptive 6-8 week exercises. See a sample class agenda.

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Communications – Live vs. Virtual

Communication Required LIVE – Communication Mode VIRTUAL – Communication Mode
Whole-class discussions Presenter at front of room Videos & webinars
Team decision-making Individuals talking & huddled around a shared computer monitor in a breakout room Individual at their own computer talking and sharing the simulation as a team in a PriSim CloudRoom™
Instructor support Instructor walks into breakout rooms to answer questions Instructor joins CloudRoom conversation to provide support
Team help request Raise hand or go and find the instructor Text the instructor who then joins CloudRoom or answers via a text
Materials distribution Physical handouts Learning portal link or direct e-mail to participants