Virtual Training with PriSim

Peloton® For The Mind!

Build business acumen virtually. Peloton runs virtual gyms, doctors conduct virtual surgeries, and Trickster Cards runs virtual card games. PriSim has run virtual courses for years, all that changes is the mode of communication.

There is a lot of flexibility when running a virtual course, both from an agenda and a process perspective. One benefit of a virtual course is your ability to “flip” the classroom. In this way participants watch content videos on their own time, and then join a live webinar for Q&A and a bit more content (we’ve found this to be very efficient, and it keeps the energy high during the webinar portions).

Computerized business simulations are very easy to deliver in virtual settings to build leadership and business acumen.

  • All that’s required are laptops, an internet connection, and a web-conferencing tool.
  • Class can be scheduled to run over a week or over 2 to 2 ½ days of consecutive time (see samples below).
  • Team members can work together in the same room or from different locations.

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Communication Required LIVE – Communication Mode VIRTUAL – Communication Mode
Whole-class discussions Presenter at front of room Videos & webinars
Team decision-making Individuals talking & huddled around a shared computer monitor in a breakout room Individual at their own computer talking and sharing the simulation as a team in a PriSim CloudRoom™
Instructor support Instructor walks into breakout rooms to answer questions Instructor joins Cloudroom conversation to provide support
Team help request Raise hand or go and find the instructor Text the instructor who then joins CloudRoom or answers via a text
Materials distribution Physical handouts Learning portal link or direct e-mail to participants

Virtual Training Agenda

Virtual Training Agenda