Don’t be a Zoom-Zombie – Use PriSim’s Zoom Cheat Sheet

In what feels like déjà vu, it looks like we’ll keep seeing Zoom meetings pop up on our schedules in 2022.  Hybrid work is here to stay, and unfortunately Covid probably is too.  Most of us in the business world have become pretty good at using Zoom (along with our kids and even some of our parents…), but if it helps, here’s a Zoom Cheat Sheet we developed at PriSim for our business simulation classes.

We’ve run most of our classes remotely over the last two years, and the Cheat Sheet gets our participants up to speed on the fundamentals of using Zoom so they can focus on the class and on building their business acumen.  Page 2 of the Cheat Sheet describes Breakout Rooms, a Zoom feature that we utilize extensively, putting teams into separate rooms from which they run competing simulated companies.  If you haven’t used Breakout Rooms, give them a try – it’s like having several smaller meetings within a meeting.

There are a few other features in Zoom that we’ve also found valuable including:

  • Enable Annotation for Others to allow participants and host/co-host to draw on-screen and add text using the Annotate toolbar. And try writing with the Vanishing Pen annotation tool as you’re presenting – without having to erase or undo.
  • Quickly share documents and links via Chat.
  • Host/co-host can send broadcast messages to the Breakout Rooms.

Feel free to take a look at our sheet and to use it in any way you’d like.  And let us know if there’s anything else you think we should add to it.