Fake News? Generational Differences in Business

Ever feel like you don’t fit neatly into your assigned Gen X/Boomer/Millennial generational cohort? Rather than forcing people into their generational boxes, some researchers are now saying the boxes should just be thrown away. Identifying generational attributes and statistically validating them has turned out to be very difficult, with reliable data sets either scarce or non-existent.

Accommodating generational differences in the workplace has often been deemed mission-critical to business success. Yet the authors’ analysis of generational data shows that variations in characteristics within generational groups are often more extensive than between generational groups.

In a similar study by the Hay Group, business leaders are advised to manage and influence teams to get the best out of each member regardless of age or generation. And to utilize a wide range of leadership styles tailored to the specific person, team, and business situation.