Fun and Games at Work

Fancy coffee bars at work are a nice touch, but to build employee morale while also boosting business productivity, consider bringing games into play. Research has confirmed that adding play to the workplace can actually improve productivity by 20%.

Playing while at work unites team members, helps blow off steam, and fosters innovation and creativity. A foosball table may be a good start, but also consider videogames, a ping pong table, or even an impromptu mini-golf course winding around the floor outlets.

But that doesn’t mean that the workplace should become one big romper-room. Play at work should be cooperative and structured so that it provides a clear business benefit, such as networking, meeting supervisors, or improving teamwork. The unintended consequences of play should also be considered – play uses up valuable time and can be distracting, and intense competition can have emotional and social impacts.

And to bring “play” to the next level in your workplace, we of course recommend looking into a business simulation!