Instant Gratification – Using Stock Tickers in Business Simulation Courses

You’ve seen stock tickers scrolling by on financial news networks, on the sides of buildings, and across giant screens mounted on river-barges in Shanghai (we have). They’re mesmerizing. As the numbers reel by, you can’t wait for your favorite stock symbol to appear. Unless the price has dropped, at which point you wish the dang thing wouldn’t blast the bad news every 2-minutes in an endless loop.

We use the same technique in our business simulation classes. After each round of competition, we show each Team’s profit, stock price, customer satisfaction, and other metrics scrolling across the presentation screen in the Main Lecture Room for all to see. No one can hide, and the mix of emotions on the Team’s faces as they sit frozen watching their numbers roll by is entertaining for all. The participants see the ticker in the morning when they first arrive, during breaks, and probably in their nightmares that night if they didn’t do well in the round…

Besides the entertainment factor, some level of “instant gratification” is a must-have in business simulation training courses. Participants are eager to see the results of the competition for their company and for the industry – so, don’t make them wait! Give them a stock ticker and let the good times roll (by).

And it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just numbers that scroll using animations in PowerPoint. If it’s a virtual class – post a video of the ticker (with some ominous music in the background), or have it scrolling across the screen while you wait for participants to join the webinar.

If you’d like to get some tips on how we set up our ticker files at PriSim classes, just let us know!