September 2022 – “Intentional” Tips & Tricks – Chunking and the Segmenting Principle

Going through a business simulation can be overwhelming. There is a lot of content to be covered in a limited amount of time. An experience like this can overload participants’ working memory[1] making it difficult to retain and understand all the information.

At PriSim, we have applied the Segmenting Principle[1] to help participants better digest the information. The Segmenting Principle suggests presenting the material in parts or segments that are easier to digest.

Although we use this principle throughout our courses, it has a special application when covering the business simulation “Tips & Tricks” document. In this document we list key data, concepts, observations, KPIs, etc. that help/inform participants during decision-making and understanding of the simulation dynamics/decisions. We used to cover all Tips & Tricks at once early in the course, however we noticed that some teams didn’t fully grasp the information. That is when we pivoted to being more intentional when sharing our Tips & Tricks by segmenting them into logical chunks[2]. Each chunk is covered at different points during the course. During the final chunk we only review the most important Tips & Tricks vs. sharing the long list. For reference, we do pass out the entire list to the participants.

In our experience, simply segmenting our content has had a huge impact on the participant’s understanding and application of the information. Thus, helping them in their decision-making process, and more importantly, business acumen learning.

[1] Mayer, R. E. “Research-based Principles for Multimedia Learning” and “Principles of Multimedia Learning” [online]