June 2013 – The 2-Qs of Revenue

The 2-Qs of Revenue

You’ve heard of the 4-Ps of Marketing, but how about the 2-Qs of Revenue?  Quantity and Quality.

Growth is good (Quantity), but equally important is the profit-making sustainability of your revenue (Quality).

In a recent HBR blog, venture capitalist Anthony Tjan describes the 3 attributes of High Quality revenue (click here to read more):

  1. Predictability – What is your retention-rate of existing customers?  If a vast majority are not returning year after year, your “churn” is likely too high to satisfy the Predictability-test of Quality.
  2. Profitability – Which customers and products/services actually drive your profitability?  Once you’ve identified your pools of profit and can answer that question, focus your efforts in the higher-margin areas.
  3. Diversity – Do the bulk of your sales come from just a handful of your customers?  If so, your revenue stream may be hinging too closely on the fate of those customers, adding an unnecessary element of risk to your business.

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