Losing Sight of the Founder’s Vision

It almost seems inevitable: that any nimble, fast-growing company will eventually slow down and calcify. Probably due to a business model that has become rusty and outdated.

But maybe not always. Consultants Chris Zook and James Allen argue that the most common reasons for “stall out” are actually increasing complexity, bureaucracy, and internal dysfunction – not an obsolete business model. And that companies that maintain or re-establish focus on 3 elements of a “founder’s mentality” can avoid or reverse stall out:

  1. Rediscover Your Insurgent Mission
  2. Obsess over Your Business’s Front Line
  3. Instill an Owner’s Mindset

The authors refer to Ray Kroc, a legendary business founder recently depicted in a movie with a fitting name – The Founder. Love them or hate them, McDonald’s success is undeniable. Success fueled partly by Kroc’s entrepreneurial vision, but also because of the franchise model that made mini-founders of every restaurant owner.

Do you keep the vision of your company’s founder in mind?