Increase the ROI of your next Management Retreat

Don’t waste time having “just another meeting”. Incorporate the industry’s most powerful learning tool into your next event. Engage your managers in a learning experience unlike any other, and walk away with business improvement ideas and plans that you never knew existed.

Key business learnings will be driven by a computerized business simulation, content lectures and group discussions.

Walk away with an action plan for your dealership!

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Team building with experiential learning

Adults learn best by doing, not by being taught! Research confirms that for adults to truly retain and understand key concepts, they must be engaged in the learning process.

Working in teams participants develop a strategy and make business decisions in a dynamic environment. Throughout several rounds of the simulation, each team must price, promote, and sell heavy equipment, parts, and service based on customer expectations and buying preferences.

Client-testimonial video describing how PriSim Business Simulations classes help attendees See Things Differently.

“PriSim delivered some energetic and engaging sessions, which allowed our team to learn and test their skills in a safe, fun, and highly interactive environment.”– Director, Channel Strategy

Your management team will …

  • Practice a “total Dealership Perspective” on decision-making
  • Apply proven Business and management topics to dealer operations
  • Think strategically
  • Internalize the importance of customers and their “lifetime value”
  • Develop an real-world action plan for your dealership
  • Learn to read and interpret financial reports and ratios
  • Experience how decisions in each department impact the total dealership and other departments (integrated decision-making)
  • See the difference between management and leadership

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Client-testimonial video highlighting how Test Drive helps attendees see the big picture.

“Repeatedly, our Leadership Development Program students say that the time spent in simulation is invaluable to realizing how departments and decisions are tied together in our dealerships.”– Vice President of Operations