An Insurance-Industry Business Acumen Laboratory

Open Enrollment Virtual Course

Keep up the momentum of your business acumen training!  Send your emerging leaders and high potentials to Insurance Challenge!

Over 3 days, this high-energy course will challenge your emerging leaders and high potentials with a complex insurance-industry business case-study in which they break into teams and run competing insurance conglomerates including a carrier and agency network.

The course will build business acumen through an online simulation, on-demand video lectures, and real-time discussions and coaching.

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Build Insurance-Industry Business Acumen

Business acumen is critical for high performance at your company.  Your emerging leaders need to be financially literate and understand business strategy, marketing, and leadership to effectively contribute to the success of your company.

We have run many virtual business simulation classes with our clients since March of 2020 – and for years before that.

Now it’s your turn, and you can experience the same immersive, high-energy insurance business simulation classes that our clients do.

Client Testimonials

If you:

  1. Have only a few participants to send to a class
  2. Want to try out a virtual class before deploying on a larger scale at your company

Then send your participants to Insurance Challenge!

A full insurance-industry business acumen training course including a business simulation – run entirely through Zoom.


Details of the Class

We are offering a limited number of seats for this online class.

Dates:  January 19-21, 2021.  11am-4pm US Central Time (pre-game exercise on January 14, 2020, 11am-1pm)

Pricing:  $1,850 per participant.  $6,400 for a team of 4 from your company.

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“Thank you again for a great experience last week in the course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the material and I was truly impressed at your ability to pivot when the class was moved to an online course.  Very well done, as I understand that is not easy to pull-off under short notice.” – Virtual Class Delivery. Assistant Vice President, May 2020

Participants Will Learn

  • A “Total Insurance Business Perspective” on decision-making
  • To apply proven business and management topics to insurance business operations
  • To think strategically
  • The importance of customers and their “lifetime value”
  • To read and interpret financial reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  • To analyze insurance-industry ratios (combined ratio, loss ratio, expense ratio, premiums to surplus, reinsurance, ROS, ROE, ROA, EBITDA, etc…)
  • How decisions in each area of the business impact the total business (integrated decision-making)
  • The difference between management and leadership

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Introduction and Overview.

“The PriSim War Game…was a remarkable eye-opener; we learned how many different aspects interact and must be dealt with to be successful. Running a [business] and having good leadership is complex. When you make thoughtful choices by using the tools we obtained during this workshop, and then learn to focus and stick to the plan, you will be in a good position to obtain positive results.”– Deputy Director, March 2020

Course Agenda

“The…class was structured well and provided the team a fun environment to work through our business case scenario.  We were able to utilize our different backgrounds through the numerous simulations and make sound decisions real time.  Our Instructor made the class enjoyable with his humor and ability to walk us through different situations that could happen when broke out into our individual groups.  I would definitely recommend the…program to my colleagues”– Director, July 2019