The Business Challenge!

A Business Acumen Laboratory

Open Enrollment Virtual Course

Keep up the momentum of your business acumen training! Send your emerging leaders and high potentials to The Business Challenge.

Over 3 days, this high-energy course will challenge your emerging leaders and high potentials with a complex business case-study in which they break into teams and run competing manufacturing companies.

The course will build business acumen through an online simulation, on-demand video lectures, and real-time discussions and coaching.

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Build Business Acumen

Business acumen is critical for high performance at your company. Your emerging leaders need to be financially literate and understand business strategy, marketing, and leadership to effectively contribute to the success of your company.

We have successfully run many virtual business simulation classes with our clients since March of 2020 – and for years before that.

Now it’s your turn, and you can experience the same immersive, high-energy business simulation classes that our clients do.

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