Learning Resources

Several learning resources (e.g.Customer Lifetime Value Calculator), worksheets (e.g.SWOT, MOST, Action Planning), and tools (e.g. timer) used in PriSim courses.

PriSim Classroom Timer

A simple, free desktop timer to keep your seminars and meetings on time.

Net Present Value, Break-Even, and Internal Rate of Return Tool (beta)

A handy spreadsheet to help you estimate the potential economic value of your investment projects.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator (beta)

A free tool to build your own lifetime value estimates – request a unique UserID and you will be able to save and recall alternative scenarios.

SWOT, MOST, and Other Worksheets

Strategic planning worksheets used in PriSim’s exercises.

Editable Action-Planning Worksheets

Worksheets for analyzing the “As-Is” and for planning the “To-Be”.

PriSim “Cheat Sheets”

Mini-summaries of key concepts utilized in PriSim’s courses.

Jelly Belly Order Site

A tasty candy with an Illinois history.