Business Competition Between Master of Engineering Management Programs

We don’t often do public service announcements but here’s one we really believe in – the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree. If you’re an engineer thinking about getting an MBA, we recommend you look into the value of an MEM degree as another option. The degree combines advanced engineering classes with business and management courses, preparing students for technical leadership careers.

In fact, we just concluded the 4th Annual MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition, a 5-week online competition between seven teams from a consortium of top engineering schools: Northwestern, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, USC, MIT, and Stanford. You can read more about the MEMPC consortium at their website here:

During the competition, teams of students ran a business simulation of an auto manufacturing company, competing for profit and market share. Here’s what they had to say:

“Participating in the War Games validated our decision to pursue a Master in Engineering Management degree by exemplifying the necessity of both engineering and business skills to effectively manage, and lead, technical projects, ranging from a simulation to an organization.”
– Cornell MEM student

“It was interesting mediating opinions between members who had different levels of risk-tolerance, and I saw that sometimes, taking a balanced/conservative approach isn’t what is best.”
– Stanford MEM student

“A great opportunity for students to integrate the key concepts in our curriculum. The competitive simulation provides a dynamic environment that requires students to assess their own performance and to anticipate what the competition is likely to do before determining their next course of action.”
– Associate Dean, Duke MEM program

If you’re an engineer in the Chicago area, we recommend you check out Northwestern’s MEM program. (Full disclosure – we are biased since we teach in the program!)