HD Questionnaire

Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire. This will help us better understand the backgrounds of the participants in the class.

  • Please rate your current competency in the following areas.

    (1 = LOW competency, 5 = HIGH competency):

    Devise strategies and plans that enable the dealer to deliver the customer experience and increase profitability. Coach the dealer on being clear about their vision and how they want to get there. It’s about helping the dealer create a compelling vision and then identifying the business goals that enable them to acheive their vision.
    Create logical planning processes as a team to analyze information and work collaboratively to make decisions and recommendations. Team members demonstrate practices of leveraging individual strengths, planning, and collaboration.
    Successfully create a business partnership through understanding each dealer’s business issues, unique strengths and opportunities. Meet the dealer where they’re at to advise, coach, provide guidance and utilize problem solving skills that are trusted, personalized and social. Enable the dealer’s success (HDCX and Profitability) while sustaining a positive relationship.
    Demonstrate the ability to understand dealership financial statements, interpret the financial indicators regarding the performance of the dealership, and provide recommendations.
    Demonstrate a keen, fundamental, street-smart insight into how the dealer business operates, how it makes money and sustains profitable grow, now and in the future. The ability to assess the cross functional nature of the entire business, identify missing opportunities, and act as a change agent with superior business judgement.
    Know your strengths and understand the strengths of your team members. Know who does what well and have a heightened awareness of how to leverage each other’s strengths. Gallup®
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