PriSim can include a boardgame as an add-on to any class.

Boardgames can take the understanding of specific topics, particularly finance, to a deeper level.  Our clients have used the approach to drive a greater awareness of specific, important financial concepts.

Watch a video-demonstration of a manufacturing finance boardgame.

Here’s an overview of how a finance boardgame exercise works:

  1. It is run as a live exercise that teams work on together in the Main Room, typically after the Finance lecture.
  2. The exercise demonstrates the flow of money through a specific scenario such as the sale of a product, the financial impact of Working Capital, or the purchase and depreciation of a piece of equipment.
  3. Teams move poker chips representing money to the appropriate location on a 3’x3’ gameboard that represents an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet.
  4. The exercise brings the financial statements and the scenarios to life and immerses them into the actual details of the transactions. They can’t just nod their heads in agreement with a particular topic – they have to actually move chips across the statements and prove that they really understand the concept.