SpaceX Derides PPTX

Want some more business advice from the world’s richest human being? No, not from Jeff Bezos this time, but from Elon Musk.

To start, Musk says leaders should “spend less time on PowerPoint”, on finance, and in meetings. The billionaire entrepreneur and head of Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company also expresses a concern about the number of MBAs running companies in America.

Is there anything this guy does like besides space ships?

Luckily, yes. Musk likes continuous improvement – and lots of it. The key to a company’s success is to focus on creating amazing products, says Musk, and to constantly innovate. His advice for business leaders includes:

  1. Drop the spreadsheets, get out on the factory floor, and spend more time with customers.
  2. Ask yourself if your product is as “awesome as it could be?” And, “What could you do to make it great?”
  3. Focus on continuous improvement, instead of looking for a single game-changing innovation.
  4. Become an “absolute perfectionist” about what you make or the service you provide. “If you don’t love it, don’t expect others will, either.”
  5. Be a front-line leader. “Think about war: Do you want the general in some ivory tower or on the front lines?”

And Elon Musk is not alone in his aversion to PowerPoint. Yale professor Edward Tufte is a critic of the tool, and has suggested that a too-complex PowerPoint presentation may have contributed to the fatal crash of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003.