Star (Talent) Wars

A growing battlefront in business has emerged post-pandemic – a war for talent.  With a nod to Sun Tzu, successful companies and leaders must be skilled in “The Art” of this particular war as it escalates.

An article in Inc. Magazine states that over half of the management teams interviewed cite staffing as their biggest obstacle to future growth.  And a McKinsey study found that 40% of employees surveyed were “likely to quit in the next three to six months”.   In a surprising shift from the past, the study also found that many were quitting before finding another job.

With the battle advancing, what can companies do to hone their skills at recruiting and talent management?  The Inc. Magazine article outlines 7 ways to compete for employees – including one of our favorites as a leadership-training company: “leadership development is the most under-invested, under-utilized aspect of both retention and company culture.”  A recent post in Forbes also describes several ways companies can improve and better manage their strategic talent pipeline.

In the war for employees, companies will need to be talented at managing their talent.