A WikiLeaks World

Covering your assets in a wikileaks world

We’ve all heard about Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief at WikiLeaks.

Not too long ago, he published classified government documents and exposed toxic waste in Africa, Scientology manuals, and even water-boarding procedures. Some want to see him as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Others want to see him in prison.

The emotion surrounding WikiLeaks has ignited plenty of conversation about the role of a free press – a critical check to balance abuses of corporate or government power.

But we’ve heard very little good advice about how a “wikileaks-world” changes our business decisions, communication, procedures, and strategies. (NOTE: We’ve included some additional reading at the end of this email if you’re interested.)

Even if you have done nothing wrong, could your company withstand “wikileaks-like” scrutiny? What changes should you make to protect your information? What is your contingency plan in the event that unwanted information gets out?

As you think about your options, a few words of caution… If you lock everything down you risk flexibility, innovation, and information-flow. Lock down too little and everyone sees everything.

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