Ready to Run Business Simulations

PriSim® has several ready-to-run business simulations. Each business simulation course is available for immediate delivery and can be enhanced through customized course add-ons. Many of our clients choose to begin with an existing course and later evaluate the benefits of building a customized business simulation training course.

  • Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation – BizFighter™

    Running an A&D company isn’t quite rocket science – but sometimes it feels like it!

    Luckily, BizFighter helps participants decipher Earned Value Management (EVM) terms and concepts like CPI, SPI, CPAR, BAC, EAC, Bookings, and Backlog and actually apply them in running an A&D company.

    Teams compete to bid on new and follow-on programs and contracts, deliver state-of-the-art products, stay on-schedule and on-cost, and build market share – and try to make a profit through it all!

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  • Heavy Equipment Business Simulation – Test Drive™

    PriSim's Test Drive Dealership business simulation

    The heavy equipment business isn’t child’s play!

    Excavators and backhoes aren’t toys, and running a dealership is not simple. In fact, it’s like running many different businesses – equipment sales, parts, service, finance and insurance, and rentals – all at the same time!

    In Test Drive, Teams are challenged to lead and manage a dealership in competition with other Teams. They must order and price new and used equipment, incentive sales, invest to develop an appealing retail space, advertise, providing financing, establish and staff their service department and set shop-rates, and run both their parts and equipment-rental departments. But watch out for unintended consequences – like having too much inventory, staff attrition, or lost sales!

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  • Manufacturing Business Simulation – Mini-MBA

    Let’s take a walk – in the CEO’s shoes!

    Competing Teams will lead and manage multi-billion-dollar automotive manufacturing companies. Their goals: build market share, improve profits – and crush the competition. All in a 2-4 day live or virtual class.

    Teams make marketing, technology, R&D, production, and financing decisions. As they do, they keep their eyes on Profit Margin, Inventory, Return on Assets (ROA), Customer Satisfaction, and other KPIs.

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  • Strategic Finance Simulation – For Insurance Professionals

    A high-energy Strategic Finance exercise to build financial acumen for the Insurance Professionals.

    Help your team better understand the financial and strategic challenges that your clients face on a daily basis.

    Over a period of several days, this fun and engaging finance and management exercise immerses your team in a complex business case study in which they run a simulated company in competition with other teams. Key financial learnings will be driven by a computerized business simulation, content lectures, and group discussions.

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  • Insurance Broker Simulation – Broker Challenge!™

    Throw some high-octane fuel on the fire and prove you can sell P&C insurance products!

    But leading and managing a successful insurance brokerage is about more than just selling. It also means understanding the needs, wants, and the risks of target customer segments, building awareness with them and sourcing leads, working with the right carriers to provide the right products, and providing the right level of service. And it means hiring, incentivizing, and retaining the right Producers to get it all done.

    As Teams run their company in the Brokerage Challenge class, they analyze Income Statements (P&Ls), Customer Profitability, and Balance Sheets. They also become proficient in interpreting KPIs and statistics including EBITDA, Production Ratio, Lapse/Cancel Ratio, Accounts Receivable, Float, Working Capital, Trust Ratio, Cash, and Distributions.

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  • Insurance Business Simulation – Insurance Challenge™

    Ready to run an insurance carrier AND a broker network?

    Teams in the Insurance Challenge class need to do both – and do it well to win the competition! Great products and underwriting at the carrier will mean little if they don’t also develop an excellent distribution channel to actually get their products sold.

    Concepts and metrics such as Combined Ratio, Loss Ratio, Loss Tails, Expense Ratio, Net Written Premiums, Solvency Ratio, Premiums to Surplus, Policy Count, Invested Assets, and IBNR come to life and inform their decision-making.

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  • Insurance What-If? Tool

    Insurance Industry Business Acumen Short-Course

    Help your team better understand the impact that their decisions have on the company’s financials.

    Over a half day, this fun and engaging finance exercise immerses your team in multiple business scenarios focused on a selected set of variables that can be manipulated to quickly display a projected, multi-year business result shown in familiar company metrics.

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  • Mortgage Banking Simulation – Cycloan™

    Over a period of several days, course participants will be introduced to the fundamental business tools needed to achieve a long-term competitive advantage. Participants will be challenged to apply these tools in a computer-simulated environment, where their performance will be evaluated by a marketplace that has been created by competing participant teams.

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  • Magazine Publishing Simulation – MAGnate™

    With over 800 new publications entering the market every year, what are you doing to ensure that your publication stays ahead of the competition?

    MAGnate, an interactive business exercise, allows participants to make decisions such as these without risking the reputation and earnings of your organization!

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“The Business Challenge Course by PriSim was one of the most impactful business seminars I’ve attended in my 19 years of sales experience. The course forces you to explore functions, processes, and ideas that push you out of your comfort zone and keeps you fully focused and engaged. Quite honestly, the course taught me things I didn’t KNOW I didn’t know. If you really want to be better at what you do, if you really want your EMPLOYEES to be better at what they do, your first step is PriSim Business War Games.”
– Director, Special Markets Group