Customers May Trust Your Ads More Than You Think

Maybe your customers aren’t as cynical about your ad campaigns as you think.

New research from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University shows that if you craft your ad in the right way, customers may actually find it trustworthy and useful. The authors of the research study found that making the assumption that buyers mistrust all ads can result in unduly cautious and ineffective marketing campaigns.

So what tends to work?

  • Including verifiable rating results from third parties such as Amazon and Consumer Reports.
  • Offering full refunds.
  • Matching competitors’ prices.

And what plays into consumers’ skepticism?

  • “Limited time” offers.
  • Comparisons to unrelated “valuable objects”.
  • Celebrity endorsements.

If customers believe that your intent is to inform rather than to manipulate – then your ad campaign might just work.