Who Among Us Would Dare Question Myers-Briggs?

Who Among Us Would Dare Question Myers-Briggs?

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) seems omnipresent in the corporate world, and one would assume that the value of the instrument is a foregone conclusion.

Yet some have dared to question the popularity of the exercise, including a recent contributor at Forbes.

In response to such “attacks”, the publisher of the Myers & Briggs Foundation’s MBTI tools maintains the relevance of the instrumentas a “framework and common language for developing an understanding of the different ways people prefer to communicate, think, socialize, and carry out other aspects of their lives.”

In PriSim’s experience, the appropriate use of tools such as the MBTI in leadership and development programs can significantly enhance learning as it allows participants to have both a left-brain and a right-brain experience.

Given how deeply the MBTI instrument reaches into corporate life, the debate appears to be a healthy one. Are there other entrenched tools/approaches at your company that are worth asking “dumb questions” about?