How Jelly Beans Can Change The World

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: it’s rude and inconsiderate to show up late to a meeting.  And while it shouldn’t need to be researched, you’ll find lots of data to support the negative impacts of tardiness, such as this article and this one.

Think about it: ten people waiting six minutes for a meeting to start just because someone is late have burned through one hour of time that could have been spent doing something productive.

We encounter this challenge in our PriSim courses too.  Our agendas are very tight and need to run like clockwork.  And you’d better not be late – because we’ve found a way to “enforce” the timetable by using a unique tool: BeanBoozled jelly beans.

Attendees who dare to arrive late for any part of our agenda have to take a jelly bean from the BeanBoozled “mystery bean dispenser”.  A yellow bean could be Popcorn or it could be Rotten Egg (here’s a podcast on the technology behind the flavors).  No one knows what they’ll get, and no one wants to find out.  So everyone comes back on time, every time.

A simple, low-tech time-management tactic that we’ve found works surprisingly well at our courses around the world!