Memo-Engine – Unexpected business challenges/disruptors

There are times when a business simulation exercise should be customized to fulfill a specific learning objective (e.g. strategy change, focus on new business metrics, etc…).

We have found that companies often believe the best way to customize an exercise is by modifying the business simulation software itself. However, in most cases the software doesn’t actually need to be updated to drive the desired point home. In addition, updating the simulation software can be expensive and time consuming. An alternative is to customize the experience by having teams solve unexpected business challenges. With a carefully selected business challenge you can catalyze discussions of business issues from scenarios drawn from your company’s real world experience. Here’s how it works:

  1. A paper memo with an unexpected business challenge is given to Teams at the beginning of a round.
  2. Several possible responses are presented to the Team.
  3. Teams discuss the memo scenario and choose a response.
  4. Each Team’s choice impacts operating results, financials, and customer satisfaction.
  5. The implications produce lasting effects on their results—and on how they handle challenging situations in the real world.

We have successfully utilized these unexpected challenges with many of our clients through our Memo-Engine add-on. These are a few examples:

  • Leading Insurance Carrier: In the 3rd-Round of the Insurance Challenge!™ simulation, a flood in a major city requires quick coverage and claims decisions.
  • Top-5 U.S. Insurance Carrier: Teams prepare for a live meeting to communicate a strategy-change to an unhappy customer—and feel the wrath if they don’t measure-up!
  • Global Aerospace and Defense Company: Teams decide whether to enter new markets in the BizFighter™ aerospace and defense simulation. Opportunities open up to begin additional contracts.

Business challenges can be added at several points during the competition, reinforcing lectures and discussions. With these well-crafted business challenges, participants practice how to respond to unexpected challenges in the real world.