Pen and Paper Exercise – Moments of Truth

As business people, we are naturally focused on business results: profits, performance, market share, and the KPI “flavor of the day”…  But we also realize that satisfied customers are our most important business result.  In the words of Peter Drucker, “…the purpose of business is to create a customer.

Here’s a pen and paper exercise that we often interject into our business simulation course agendas.  The exercise is called Moments of Truth (MOT) and encourages participants to step-back from pure business results and to re-align their strategies (simulated and real-world) with their customers’ needs, wants, and expectations.

The simple MOT exercise produces surprisingly powerful results.  We ask students do this as a real-world exercise thinking about their actual customers – not based on data within our business simulations.  It can be done by functional teams that interact with customers together, or individually.

The MOT exercise has proved so powerful in our classes that some participants have brought the exercise back to their real-world companies, departments, or teams to help clarify their focus on their customers.

The exercise can be completed within 30-minutes.  Teams/individuals are instructed to take a blank sheet of paper on which to define their MOTs and to:

  1. Draw boxes for the 5-10 key Moments of Truth in their customer interactions.
  2. Write 3-4 bullets for the highest-level of customer expectations under each Moment of Truth.
  3. Refine and clarify the MOTs and expectations after the class with their real-world customers.

Take a look at an example from Hampton Inn.  For another approach to conducting a MOT, take a look at this Fast Company article.  And for next-level MOT’ing, here’s a description of the “Zero Moment of Truth” that Google is trying to win.

We worked with our customers here at PriSim to conduct a MOT exercise, with very useful results.  You should consider doing it at your company too – your customers will thank you…!